Are My PSAT Ratings Good? This thirty days, with many high school juniors receiving their very superior papers reviews first college evaluating results, “The Dean” has been flooded with queries that ask, ” How good is just a PSAT Selection Index of ______”? And also the true figures have already been all around the map: 220, 180, 130, 103 and 85. A variation on that theme was, “Is a 79 in mathematics a score that is good” or ” can I be pleased with a 78 in Critical Reading?” As my 12-year-old son would state, “Ya think??” 😉

I’m very sorry. I don’t mean to be snide. I realize that many first-timers could use a Cal Tech degree simply to interpret the score reports. Moreover, “good” scores are relative. What might be considered a so-so student may seem mediocre to a very able one. Likewise, “good” or “bad” ratings is determined by exactly how high an applicant is aiming. Just What passes muster at Slippery Rock may not wow admission people at Stanford.

Most importantly, keep superiorpapers in mind that PSAT answers are superior papers com just a point that is starting. Many scores will go up at SAT time … even for those students that don’t prepare. Usually the test experience alone is sufficient to produce some enhancement the time that is next. On the other hand, in case a student’s PSAT scores are way below the typical admitted-student range at a dream university, then it is the right time to recognize that this might be a dream deferred … at the least until graduate college.

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